Excellent Service

  • We understand your brand and your business
  • Dedicated brand teams with people passionate about your brand
  • Personal, undivided attention across markets and time zones, we go the extra mile
  • Customised solutions
  • Safekeepers/guardians: complete security and confidentiality, within our organisation and also with our partners and suppliers.
  • We never compromise and always maintain the integrity of the brand

Watch Assembly

Longgang (Shenzhen), China

  • Year acquired: 2009
  • Major customers: Licensed brands portfolio
  • Monthly capacity: Approx. 300,000 pieces
  • No. of workers: 500
  • Floor area: 9,000 sq.m
  • 2,500 sq.m – Office
  • 5,000 sq.m – Assembly Line
  • 1,500 sq.m – Distribution Centre*
  • Area of expertise: Engineering development and assembling analogue quartz, mechanical and digital watches
  • Product segment: Fashion and Sport Watches

Mondaine Watch Factory

Jewellery Factory

Nanao (Shenzhen), China

  • Year acquired: 2009
  • Major customers: Licensed brands portfolio and OEM
  • No. of workers: Approx. 600
  • Floor area: 12,700 sq.m
  • 4,800 sq.m – Office
  • 7,900 sq.m – Dormitory and Canteen
  • Area of expertise: Silver and gold jewellery production as well as stone and diamond setting
  • Product segment: Fine and Fashion Jewellery

Vertical Integration

Total Integration For Total Peace of Mind

  • Vertical Supply Chain Management
  • Design and Product Development
  • Sourcing
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Sales and Marketing
  • After-Sales Service

Global Presence

Around the World in 80 Countries

  • Over 10,000 points-of-sale in more than 80 countries
  • Fully-owned subsidiaries in key markets: Asia, Europe, USA


  • Gateway to the fast developing markets of the east

International with Swiss Heritage

Marlox Group builds strong, personal relationships with its partners and generates value for watch and jewellery brands through world-class design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing.

  • Global in size and outlook
  • Global licenses
  • Swiss company
  • Hong Kong operational headquarters
  • Fully-owned manufacturing units in Switzerland and China
  • Swiss tradition of ownership, quality, craftsmanship and manufacturing
  • International, diverse, multicultural teams to meet multicultural needs

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